Eight killed from house fire during slumber party!/KariAnnAlysis/status/183526814256332800 From Herald-Dispatch: Eight people are now confirmed dead in a house fire in Charleston early Saturday morning. According to several media outlets, the fire started before 3:30 a.m. in a two-story house on Arlington Avenue. Firefighters reported that a children’s slumber party Read more

BOOM! Steven Crowder releases unedited video of Mich. union thug assault; Updated!/scrowder/status/281794404115705856 In your face, union lapdogs! On Dec. 11, union goons in Lansing, Mich., assaulted Fox News contributor Steven Crowder during a “mostly peaceful” protest of the state’s right-to-work legislation. Thug apologists insisted Crowder was asking for it, and Read more

The Most Interesting Man In The World

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‘She was fearless’: Joan Rivers has passed away at 81; Updated!/JoshMalina/status/507605353773559809 Media are reporting that #Joan Rivers has died following complications from recent surgery.!/AmyKinLA/status/507603066913189888 May she rest in peace.!/jimmykimmel/status/507604791321563136!/wupton/status/507603453082734592 Read more

She Found Out Our Dog Had To Get Shots So…

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You Can't Call Yourself A Hardcore Gamer…

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Okay, I’m Not Sure If This Will Work…

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‘I’m dying’! ‘Hillary’ shows off her ‘fun’ side in this gloriously perfect Onion piece

And boy, did they nail it with this: We recommend, of course, that you read the whole thing. But here&8217;s a sample: Perhaps it would be helpful for me to provide an example of a #fun thing I do. I take part in levity. I enjoy jokes, which are fun. When the occasion presents itself, [...] Read more

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