What You’re About To See Is 100% UN-PHOTOSHOPPED. And That’s Why I’m Still In Disbelief.

We live in truly a wild and wonderful place. There are many things about this world that you’ll learn that will totally take you by surprise. These 30 incredible and #natural phenomena are just some of them. Most people will never witness all of these strange natural events, but you need to know they are real [...] Read more

Barbosa And Sparrow

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Forward! 7.8% unemployment rate is the same as when Obama took office!/ellencarmichael/status/287193570719436800 This looks familiar … vaguely familiar. The unemployment rate was 7.8 percent when President Savior took the reins from George W. Bush in 2009. Obama even promised that failing to improve the economy would make him a one-term president. Well, this is what economic progress Read more

Mad giggles! What’s the difference between Burger King and Obama?!/Randy_Shannon/status/504653126360891392 This sure wins something.!/hale_razor/status/504651878823919616 Whopper-tastic.!/SemiAutoAZ/status/504652341036212224 Who won’t be laughing? Unhinged lefties. Again. Related: Who else wants to see Rob Lowe vs. NY Mag’s lib writer Read more

Put It Somewhere Else Patrick

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Rumor: Taliban leader Mullah Mohammed Omar killed!/DianaValerie/status/246436766926659585 Mullah Mohammed Omar is the spiritual leader of the Taliban. He reportedly lives somewhere in Pakistan. Some Twitter users are hearing whispers that Omar was killed: Taliban leader Mullah Omar killed: report via @ibnlive — Dina Temple-Raston (@NPRDina) Read more

When You Buy A Game A Few Months After…

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Life is full of them….

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Selling My One Of A Kind

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Oh Vladimir!

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